Under the Affordable Care Act, it was intended that every person have access to affordable health coverage. The law made it mandatory that states expand their Medicaid programs so that low-income people would be able to get Medicaid. But a Supreme Court decision gave states the OPTION instead of mandating them to expand their Medicaid programs. Up to now, unlike 26 other states, Mississippi has said NO to expanding the Medicaid program that would help and provide health insurance to nearly 130,000 Mississippians. These are the people that are in the Medicaid Expansion gap, they have no options for affordable health insurance.

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Make Your Voice Heard

We MUST put pressure on our Governor and legislators and tell them how important this is to the thousands of Mississippians that need health insurance. If you are in the Medicaid expansion gap, know someone that is in the gap, or if you support the expansion of the Medicaid program, find your legislator and contact them.