Mississippi Left Me Out

LaShombee Hoard

Imagine going your whole life with health care coverage and the peace of mind associated with it, but suddenly you are without it. For LaShombee Hoard, 43-year-old mother of two, this is a reality.

The mother of two has had health coverage for almost 40 years now. "Every job I've ever had, basically I've had insurance or some type of insurance coverage where either the company paid or I paid a small amount," states Hoard in frustration.

In 2010, Hoard was diagnosed with diabetes and costs associated are "very expensive," says Hoard.

The Clinton resident explained that her insulin is about $75-85 dollars a vial, which lasts about a month and a half with a schedule. In addition, testing strips are $50 a pack and that barely lasts a week because she has to check her glucose 3 times a day. Lastly, the tester has to be replaced yearly.

"In my situation, I'm always trying to find cheaper ways to get my supplies," says Hoard.

The lack of health coverage is an issue that especially hurts, said Hoard. Not only can she not afford the health insurance offered by her job, but her income status disqualifies her from receiving subsidies to purchase health insurance on the health insurance marketplace and she is also ineligible for coverage under Medicaid in Mississippi.

LaShombee is one of the thousands of Mississippians that Medicaid expansion was designed to help, but because of our state's refusal to expand the program, they have fall into this coverage.

"I know I deserve health insurance. My children deserve it," said Hoard passionately.

Make Your Voice Heard

We MUST put pressure on our Governor and legislators and tell them how important this is to the thousands of Mississippians that need health insurance. If you are in the Medicaid expansion gap, know someone that is in the gap, or if you support the expansion of the Medicaid program, find your legislator and contact them.